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Avoid Card Activation Fraud

Our debit card provider has alerted us to a card activation scheme whereby criminals obtain phone numbers off by one digit from the true card activation phone number. If a cardholder accidently misdials, the fraudster answers the call and asks for personal information, such as card number, expiration date, account number or Social Security Number and may even attempt to sell the cardholder gift cards.

A correctly dialed card activation number will never result in you reaching a live person. If a live person answers when you are attempting to activate your card, immediately hang up without providing any information.  


Credit Unions and Tax Reform

Iowa Bankers Association President and CEO, John Sorenson, recently sent an op-ed piece to all Iowa newspapers to make the public aware of the inequity caused by the tax exemption on large credit unions and the importance of including the credit union tax exemption as part of a comprehensive tax reform package. Click the more link below to read how this exemption impacts all banks and all Iowans.

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