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Automated Text Messages and Calls

By October 3, our debit card processor will begin sending automated text messages and/or interactive automated phone calls within seconds of suspecting fraud on a debit card transaction. All texts will be from the short code 72718 and automated phone calls will come from 855-219-5399. Please add the fraud number to your phone contacts so you recognize and answer a call if you receive one. Please note that if you receive a call of this nature and it is a live person, hang up and do not provide any information.

To make sure you can receive these messages, please login to your online banking from a web browser, (not the mobile app) view your Profile settings and review your Phone settings to make sure they are current. Listing your mobile phone number in the Home Phone field will ensure you receive notifications as quickly as possible.

Airports and Hacking


When you travel by air for business or personal purposes be aware that public Wi-Fi in airports is not always safe. Click "more" below to learn why and see a list of the 10 most vulnerable airports!

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